We are experimenting with ad banners

Written on October 4, 2016

Yeah, everyone hates ads, including us. Some people have argued that ads have in fact ruined the Internet. Now here we are explaining why we’re showing them on Kittysplit.

First of all, we’re only experimenting, which means that some users will see banners in a kitty, others will not.

Secondly, we love Kittysplit and we’re not going to ruin it. For now we’re only showing banners in places where they are not too intrusive. We’ll be closely watching certain metrics to see how users with ads respond.

Thirdly, this is about money, obviously. The time has come for Kittysplit to prove that it can provide for more than the odd beer every now and again.

But fear not: we have a bunch of other ideas up our sleeves for making money, all of them much cooler that showing banners. But they’ll take longer to implement. STAY TUNED!

Love Kittysplit.

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