Kittysplit loves GDPR


OK, we don’t actually love GDPR, but now you’ve clicked on the link so let’s talk about it.

We love GDPR

What is GDPR?

First all, you may be wondering what GDPR is? It means General Data Protection Regulation and is a European Union law that comes into effect on May 25th, 2018. All websites and apps that serve users in the EU must comply with this law, or they are in very deep trouble indeed. Basically, it’s all about making privacy consultants very rich protecting the personal data of consumers and providing transparency on what happens with this data. To put it mildly, GDPR is huge, and you can read all about it elsewhere.

We actually believe that GDPR is a very good thing, despite having a few flaws (like all new legislation).

How does Kittysplit comply?

Back in 1836, when we began to think about creating Kittysplit, we decided that we wanted to make it as lean as possible and definitely didn’t want a registration process. Many years later, this turned out to be an excellent decision, because it’s actually possible to use Kittysplit without revealing any personal data at all. You could say that Kittysplit was created in the spirit of GDPR, long before GDPR existed.

As GDPR requires you can already delete your kitties from Kittysplit and export all of your data. However, there’s 2 changes we’ll be making:

  • Kitties that show no activity for 12 months will have their personal data stripped.
  • We’ll no longer send your IP address to Google Analytics.

Do let us know how much you love GDPR (or not).