Super kitties come to Kittysplit!

Written on May 5, 2018

After 6 years of offering Kittysplit completely for free, today we’ve added some features that will cost money.

What does this mean for you? First of all: The Kittysplit core functions will remain free and all the stuff available for free yesterday is still free today. We’re not taking anything away and hiding it behind a pay wall. Instead, any Kitty can now be “upgraded” thereby adding extra features to it. We call upgraded kitties super kitties, because they have super powers.

A super kitty

How much does a super Kitty cost?

3 EUR payable via Paypal. We’ll automatically add this cost to the Kitty so that it’s spread between everyone – which is a solution that we find totally awesome.

So what are the super powers?

Super power 1: Read only kitties

A read only Kitty is one where you can see all the expenses and who-owes-what, but where you can’t add, edit or delete expense. This is useful if you don’t trust the people you’re sharing the Kitty with (obviously a very hypothetical scenario).

It’s also useful if you want to have the one true steward of a kitty, who is in charge of entering the expenses without anyone interfering.

A read-only Kitty is shared via it’s own special link.

Super power 2: Mega kitties

This will allow you to add more than 10 people to a kitty. It’s useful if you go on holiday with like 20 people, which we don’t, but looking at our stats, it seems some of you do.

Super power 3: Banner-free kitties

Yeah, you’re probably using an ad-blocker already so this one reason doesn’t do it for you. We think it’s a good super-power none the less.

NEW: Super power 4: Currency conversion

A new entry to the list of premium features is currency conversion.

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