Free Online Scoreboard, works in a browser, no signup!


One of our friend Caspar’s side-projects is an online scoreboard that works without signup or install. You can share scoreboards simply by sharing a link. (Hmmm, that principle sounds familiar, no? 🤔).

It’s a webapp and is the simplest way to keep track of scores, guaranteed! You can create a new scorebaord in seconds and share it with other people, all without having to install anything anywhere.

Click here to take a look: online scoreboard.

Keeping score online

Of course, there are already a huge number of native apps for Android and iOS that allow you to keep score, but all of them have the same problem: it’s very hard to share a scoreboard with someone else and to collaborate.

A cool thing is that you can either share a read-only version of your scoreboard or allow other people to add and edit scores: you decide by picking which link to share.

Great for leaderboards too

Keepthescore is also great for when you require a simple leaderboard. Again, all you have to do is share the correct link.

Easy to embed on a website

It’s also super easy to embed a scoreboard in any kind of website. here’s an example of what that looks like

More goodies are on the way! 🎁

You can expect a real-time basketball scoreboard soon. Until then, please do leave feedback.

UPDATE: here it is online basketball scoreboard. It looks like this, which we think is rather fetching:

Splitting costs

So long, Kittysplit.

PS Make sure to check out our own side-project swop - A GraphQL and REST foreign exchange rate API