How to share expenses and split costs using a Spreadsheet


There are some hard things in life – and keeping track of expenses in a group definitely belongs on that list.

Say you’re going on a trip with friends and different people pay different expenses, lend money, maybe even receive money due to a refund. At the end of the day it’s a big hassle to work out who owes money to whom and to get everyone to settle up. How to split those expenses and costs?

The problem is so common that there are many different ways of solving it. Of course, an Excel spreadsheet or Google sheets are an absolutely valid solution. Read on for the 2 best spreadsheets we found for solving the problem.

Split costs

How about using a mobile app or a web-app?

Naturally, because there’s an app for everything, there’s also an app for splitting bills, expenses and costs. In fact there are hundreds! What are the disadvantages for using these apps?

  • everyone needs to sign up for the service
  • everyone needs to install the app
  • figuring out how it works is hard
  • Sharing the results with everyone in the group is a hassle

It sounds like it’s just easier to write it all down and sort it out later with a spreadsheet, right?

Well …. maybe. There are people out there who are so familiar with Excel or Google Sheets that working it out with one of the two is absolutely the best option. However, before we reveal which spreadsheet solutions we found best, we’d like to examine some of the disadvantages given above.

There is one solution that has none of these disadvantages and guess what… it’s the one we made! Kittysplit

  • does not require a sign-up. No passwords and no usernames. You can start using it right away.
  • does not require you to download an app. It works in a browser and is optimised for mobile use.
  • is not hard to use. We have heard many times how easy it is to use. And that’s the truth!
  • is very easy to share with other people.

So why not give it a try?

Try Kittysplit!

I really want to use Excel or Google sheets

OK, so we didn’t manage to sell you on Kittysplit? We can live with that.

The best solution we found for splitting expenses with an Excel sheet is this one.

The best one using Google sheets is this one.

Do let us know why you’d rather use a spreadsheet as opposed to our solution. We’re very keen to improve, you know…