Cost Split: unequal splitting of group expenses has landed


It’s been the most requested feature for the last 4 years. It’s our oldest ticket on GitHub. It’s being launched today: we call it unequal split.

Cost splitting in action

So what is it good for? It allows you to enter items into Kittysplit where the cost is not equally shouldered by all the participants. For instance, say you’re renting a holiday flat with 5 people, but one of those people, Peter, was not staying for the entire time. In this case you can now enter an expense called “Holiday flat rental” and divide up the costs so that that Peter pays less than everyone else.

Cost splitting for couples

A more advanced example for expert splitters is the following. Let’s say you have a Kitty containing couples. Each couple can be grouped together as a single participant, so 3 couples could be represented by 3 participants. This works fine until you also have single people in the kitty, because equal sharing between participants is unfair to them. Now, with unequal splitting, this is no longer a problem. Did that make sense? 🤔 These guys just did some cost splitting

We want to hear from you

Anyway, we are striving to keep Kittysplit as simple and intuitive as humanly possible. We hope that the addition of unequal splitting has not had an impact on usability, but of course we can’t be sure. So please, please do give us feedback to lets us know how we’re doing.

Stay tuned for more great features

We are currently working on a bunch of new things that we’ll be launching within the next few months. All of them have been requested multiple times so stay tuned!


Love Kittysplit.