Free Online Scoreboard, works in a browser, no signup!

One of our friend Caspar’s side-projects is an online scoreboard that works without signup or install. You can share scoreboards simply by sharing a link. (Hmmm, that principle sounds familiar, no? 🤔).

It’s a webapp and is the simplest way...

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Multiple currencies in our bill-splitting app

You know the feeling when someone’s telling a story that involves the cost of something in a foreign currency? “Can you believe that a sandwich costs 25 doubloons over there!” and they expect you to not only know the exchange...

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Kittysplit loves GDPR

OK, we don’t acually love GDPR, but now you’ve clicked on the link so let’s talk about it.

We love GDPR

What is GDPR?

First all, you may be wondering what GDPR is? It means...

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Super kitties come to out cost-sharing app!

After 6 years of offering Kittysplit completely for free, today we’ve added some features that will cost money.

What does this mean for you? First of all: The Kittysplit core functions will remain free and all the stuff available for...

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We are experimenting with ad banners

Yeah, everyone hates ads, including us. Some people have argued that ads have in fact ruined the Internet. Now here we are explaining why we’re showing them on Kittysplit.

First of all, we’re only experimenting, which means that some users...

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We rolled our own Launchrock

We did not have a good experience with Launchrock. It failed at almost the exact moment when a PR opportunity came through, meaning that potential users ended up seeing an error page instead a signup form.

Also, quite frankly, Launchrock...

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Building a webapp with Elixir and Phoenix

Last year we completely rewrote Kittysplit in Elixir and with the Phoenix Framework. Here’s a brief summary of what we learned and why we did it.

Version 1: Google App Engine

The first version of Kittysplit consisted of a...

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Kittysplit announces seed funding

Erdem Cakmak, a first-time investor, is funding Kittysplit.

“I used Kittysplit for the first time during a holiday in Anatolia”, says Cakmak. “It immediately struck me as being very elegant and solved a real problem. So today, I am very...

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Beta version of the all new Kittysplit

There is so much goodness in the new version of Kittysplit that we don’t actually know where to begin. It’s been completely rewritten from scratch and after vigorous testing we’re now confident that it can be slowly exposed to the...

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We found our domain name using Python

Finding a name for your startup is never easy. Many requirements must be met. A name should not be too generic, yet it should somehow convey an idea of what your company is about. You also need to be confident...

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Goodbye, Ubuntu

Kittysplit was made on computers running Ubuntu. The initial backend and the frontend were written on two indestructible Thinkpads which famously run the free operating system perfectly.

Ubuntu Thinkpad

It was only later that Macs entered...

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5 lessons learnt building a micro-startup

You’re probably asking yourself what a “micro-startup” is. We call Kittysplit a micro-startup because we’re not funded and we don’t make money (yet). We don’t have investors demanding regular updates and we don’t have employees who depend on a...

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Hello World

Hi everyone!

This is the first post in our brand new blog. What can you expect here? Well, we’ll sporadically post about things that may be of interest, such as: new features, stuff we learned, changes in our technology stack,...

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